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City of Henderson Offers Homeowners a Residential Amnesty Program

By Becky Ashby, Signature Real Estate

In celebration of Building Safety Month, the City of Henderson is offering a unique opportunity for homeowners to bring their unpermitted residential construction projects into compliance without incurring penalty fees. Throughout the month of May, the city's residential amnesty program allows homeowners to obtain the necessary permits for their projects while only paying the standard permit fees.

The primary objective of this program is to promote safety and ensure that all non-permitted construction adheres to the adopted building codes as required by law. By encouraging homeowners to come forward and obtain the proper permits, the City of Henderson aims to create a safer living environment for its residents.

The residential amnesty program covers a wide range of construction projects, including room additions, electrical or plumbing work, patio covers, garage conversions, block wall repairs, installations and replacements, interior or exterior alterations, water heater installations, and furnace or air conditioning replacements. This comprehensive list ensures that homeowners with various types of unpermitted work can take advantage of the program.

Homeowners who wish to participate in the amnesty program or have questions regarding the process are encouraged to contact the Permitting department at 702-267-3620 or via email at The knowledgeable staff will provide assistance with fees, processing requirements, inspection inquiries, and general building procedures.

It is important to note that the Building and Fire Safety division of the Community Development and Services department is responsible for issuing permits, conducting plan checks, and performing inspections to ensure conformity with building codes. The division also maintains address records of all building permits and documents, which are available as public records.

As a real estate professional, I strongly encourage homeowners to take advantage of this opportunity to bring their properties into compliance. Not only does it promote safety, but it can also help avoid potential issues when selling or refinancing your home in the future. By participating in the residential amnesty program, you can ensure that your home meets the necessary building standards and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is safe and compliant.


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