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The Secret New Home Builders Don't Want You to Know

As a realtor, I spend a lot of time touring newly constructed communities and model homes around the Las Vegas valley. From Henderson's Cadence masterplan to other prestigious neighborhoods, the allure of these properties is undeniable. Gorgeous design, coveted amenities, that quintessential new home smell - it's an enticing combination that draws droves of buyers through the doors.

However, there's an important secret that many new home builders don't openly advertise or make clear: You absolutely need independent buyer representation when purchasing from them.

When potential buyers visit Model Homes like the stunning Richmond American property I recently toured in Cadence, the model and sales agents go to great lengths to provide an inviting, pressure-free environment. They want you to get that "warm fuzzy feeling" of picturing your family in the home.

The problem arises when buyers get so enamored by the property that they get lured right into the sales office and inadvertently enter into a contract without proper representation working solely for their best interests.

As skilled as these builder agents are, their fundamental role is representing the builder's interests first and foremost. They are not looking out for your needs as the buyer. From contract terms and legalities to construction concessions and included options/upgrades, you are at a severe disadvantage trying to negotiate this complex process alone.

That's where skilled buyer's agents like myself enter the picture. When you engage me as your committed representative upfront, you receive a comprehensive layer of protection and professional advocacy at absolutely no extra cost to you. The builder pays my commission, not you!

My role is to diligently represent YOUR best interests through every phase, not the builder's. This includes:

  • Guiding you on which upgrades, structural options, and amenity choices make the most sense for your budget and intended use

  • Leveraging my knowledge of builder costs/incentives to negotiate you the most favorable contracts and pricing

  • Overseeing the construction process to ensure you receive exactly what was promised per the specs

  • And overall acting as your personal advisor and safeguard for one of life's biggest investments

Too often, buyers get stars in their eyes over those dreamy model homes and fail to realize they are walking into an environment specifically designed to sell at the builder's terms. Don't make that costly mistake!

As your realtor, my role is clearly aligning with your interests from day one. I'm your boots on the ground, protecting your investment each step of the way while still allowing you to enjoy that exciting new home buzz.

So if you plan on exploring new construction opportunities around Las Vegas, I cannot stress enough the importance of arming yourself with professional buyer representation from the start. It costs you nothing, and gains you everything in securing a fantastic property on the absolute best terms.

Don't get swept up in the model home magic and inadvertently sign away your bargaining leverage. Let's put the right protections in place first! Give me a call, and I'll ensure you maximize every advantage when purchasing your dream new home.

Here's to making smart, rewarding new construction investments!

Becky Ashby

Realtor | Signature Real Estate Group

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