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Honoring Our Heroes This Memorial Day

When: May 25-27, 2024

Ceremony Details: Monday, May 27 at 9am

Location: Cornerstone Park

Cost: FREE

As a real estate agent, I'm deeply grateful for the brave men and women who have served our country. It's thanks to their courage and sacrifice that we're able to live in safety and freedom in our homes and communities. This Memorial Day, I encourage everyone to take a moment to pay tribute to our fallen heroes.

Over 400 flags will be on display at Cornerstone Park throughout Memorial Day weekend as a symbol of patriotism, pride and reverence. Join the City of Henderson and fellow community partners for the annual tradition, Field of Honor. This special ceremony honors the brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice defending our nation.

Our country has been built upon the selfless acts of those who have worn the uniform. They have protected the very freedoms and values that allow us to live, work, and thrive. Even as a real estate professional, I recognize that the security and prosperity we enjoy is a direct result of their service.

Each flag that flies represents an individual who made the ultimate sacrifice. Their loss leaves a hole in the lives of their loved ones that can never be filled. But their legacy of bravery and patriotism lives on, inspiring us all to be better citizens and community members.

I encourage everyone to consider becoming a flag sponsor before the May 21st deadline. For just $50, you can sponsor a 3x5 flag and dedicate it to a fallen hero of your choosing. It's a tangible way to show your gratitude and ensure their sacrifice is never forgotten.

This Memorial Day, let's come together as a community to reflect on the high price of freedom. Our country's heroes have given us so much - it's time for us to give back by paying our respects. I hope you'll join me in honoring their memory through this meaningful tribute.

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