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Here's a fun blog entry from Becky Ashby celebrating National Sticky Bun Day

Indulging in Sticky Bun Bliss for the Holiday!

Hey there, sweet treat lovers! It's me, Becky Ashby, your friendly neighborhood realtor. I don't know about you, but when I learned that February 21st is officially National Sticky Bun Day, I knew I had to go all out to properly celebrate this delicious holiday.

As my friend Stacy Jordan always reminds me, I simply cannot pass up a good bakery. So rather than just picking up some ordinary sticky buns, I decided to visit the vegan cinnamon roll masters at Cö-ō-lic and really kick things up a notch!

I went a little crazy and treated myself to not one, but TWO of their signature creations. First up, the cherry pie cinnamon roll - a pillowy vegan dough swirled with cinnamon and brown sugar, generously topped with tangy cream cheese frosting and plump cherry pie filling. Just look at that gooey, fruity goodness!

As if that wasn't indulgent enough, I also grabbed their apple pie version. Because if you're going to celebrate a national sticky bun day, you might as well go big, am I right? This beauty combines warm apples with more of that luscious cream cheese frosting atop the signature cinnamon roll base.

Now I've got not one, but two supremely decadent sticky bun variations calling my name for an afternoon of sweet indulgence and celebration. And let me tell you, they are every bit as heavenly as they look!

I'm already drooling thinking about tearing off flaky, cinnamon-laced bites and getting that perfect ratio of doughy carbs to gooey fruity filling. Is your mouth watering yet? Because mine certainly is!

The way I see it, we only get one National Sticky Bun Day per year, so we might as well honor the holiday properly by treating ourselves to whatever sticky, gooey, frosting-slathered bundles of joy our hearts desire.

Whether you prefer the classic sticky bun with pecans, something fruitier like my cherry and apple pie renditions, or maybe even a creative flavor like maple bacon (hey, no judgment here!) - I hope you'll join me in fully immersing yourself in sticky bun bliss today.

No diet is safe from temptation on this most sacred of food holidays! Just leave a few crumbs on the plate as an offering to the sticky bun gods, and they shall smile upon you.

So grab your napkins and dig in, my friends! This is one celebration that's oh-so-worth loosening your belt a notch or two. From my sticky kitchen to yours, happy indulging!

Becky Ashby

Sticky Bun Aficionado & Realtor


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